Since the 21st January of 2001, the “Together against dependence” commission is active in the City of Poreč with the duty to create and realize a complete and long-lasting preventive program for kids and young people of the City of Poreč.

The main task of the Commission is to elaborate a program in a collaboration with all members (representatives of relative institutions that are working with kids and young people) in a manner to fortify the protective factors of healthy growth and development of kids and young people.

The program is a continuous, long-term, project of development, for the care of kids and young people in the City, and also combines different activities of the program made for the kids, young people and important people of their environment (parents, educators, teachers…).

It’s realized by the existing institution (nursery and schools) in which are issued specific protective programs at local level, by local community (courses for young people, parents, all citizens, different campaigns, forums…and other things) and with the well organized free time (the publication of the Guide of the free time with kids and young people, the initiative of the foundation of the Youth Club, the direction of the focus groups of young people, the organized debates for young people with topic that are meaningful to them and similar things)

The goal in the “Together against dependence” commission of the activities made by the specialist from Poreč is to improve the quality of the life and health of kids a young people in the City. The program has a priority significant for the City, and for the reason is supported by City Council of the City of Poreč a proper long-term commitment to take care of kids and young people of the community.

The direction of the Commission’s program was taken by the “Healthy City” and the Commission’s expert groups has continued the realization of the preventive activity in collaboration with “Healthy City” project office of Poreč with a wider range of activity.

The preventive programs have started in Poreč in 1994, as a part of the “Healthy City” project in Poreč. At the same time, it was realized a continuous monitoring of the appearance of the dependence of the kids and young people in Poreč.

Poreč is the only city in Istria, and beyond, that has been continuously conducting for 14 years the researches based on the appearance of the dependence of the kids and young people and it can already define the present trends.

In the professional topics you can find the information about the consolidated trends and the results of the most recent researches based on the appearance of the dependence in the City of Poreč, and in the section flyers and brochures you can find the leaflets and brochures of the Commission’s programs.