The program takes place predominantly working in psycho-therapeutic group by the therapeutic community method, on the outpatient treatment, in the “Healthy City” of Poreč environment. The therapeutic community is defined as community that includes patients (alcohol addicts), the whole family and the therapist – the program manager. All the participant are connected by the sincere trust and goodwill with a goal to make the ideal conditions for the treatment and a positive atmosphere as an important factor for treatment.

Special attention is put on:

  • protection of the patient’s personality,
  • treatment of all patients as people who deserve trust and help,
  • encouraging changes the behavior and the stabilization of abstinence,
  • treatment of patient as people who can take the responsibility and the initiative,
  • inclusion of all patients in the daily activities (the participants are active in life and subjects in treatment).

The abstinence setting program is based on a complex socio-medical approach. The emphasis is put on the family and group psychotherapy. The therapy is conducted by a group of experts with different profiles (doctors, psychologists, social workers, nurse), all educated for the alcoholism sector. With the support of co-therapist, the treatment is extended also on the care of alcoholics (long-term abstinence) under the supervision of responsible experts. The specialist group performs the psychotherapy for each addict person and the family, taking care of all needs and specifics.

With all mentioned, there is a register of addicts, it’s made the evaluation of the work and there is a continuous supervision, internal and external, regular and with continuation (internal supervision is made with a continuous monitoring and during work, while the external supervision is made every six month).

There are conducting continuous education of experts of the Center for alcoholism and other addictions, professional meetings and in the group of Healthy City. The acquired knowledge is forward to the colleague and to drug addicts and their families.

In the family of alcoholics appear numerous of dysfunctions before the health injuries of addicts. The alcoholism is a public health problem that is reflected on the whole family, the work environment and the friends of the alcoholics, for this reason in the treatment the family and individual can be observed separated from the environment.

In the resolution of the problem of alcoholism should participate the whole society, and the treatment, as much as possible, should be carried out of the hospital. According to our experience and results, it has been verified that the treatment outside the hospital doesn’t have an alternative. The program is implemented with the therapeutic community method, in the immediate environment and after the user’s working time. The program is realized with the secondary level of prevention, in the early stage of alcoholism revelation and the treatment of alcohol addict and the family in their environment, outside the hospital, with the method of individual, family and group psychotherapy.

The program is focused on:

  • the individual level, on the process of growth, development and personal change of the individual/alcohol addict and to the setting of the abstinence;
  • the immediate environment – enhancement of the protective factors of the family with which amplifies the family function, the capacity of the family to change, the understanding of the problem of the alcohol dependence and the knowledge of the possibility to get through it (in the activities the partner, non addict, and the kids are involved).