In Poreč, programs are being implemented that affect the healthy coexistence of humans and animals in the environment. The programs are funded by the City of Poreč as a superior standard for citizens’ health, and coordinated by the Healthy City of Poreč as a local health project, also networking with stakeholders, project partners, project supervisors.

Programs for the promotion of healthy environment and healthy coexistence of humans and animals:

  1. SOIL CONTAMINATION CONTROL – Project Dogs and Cats as Reservoirs of Dangerous Zoonoses – The City of Poreč and the Healthy City of Poreč have initiated a project to control soil contamination by cat and dog faeces a few years back. Primarily children’s sandboxes are controlled in kindergartens, parks, on the beaches of Poreč, and on all public areas frequented by children. Soil samples are observed and the presence of potential pathogens from dog/cat faeces that are dangerous to humans causing zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans) is monitored. The program covers the monitoring of various pathogens of well-known zoonoses, which don’t cause serious clinical signs in animals, but can pose a serious threat as a source of infection for humans. Those are most commonly intestinal parasites such as toxocara cani-cati and others. Faeces on the surfaces of children’s playgrounds and sandboxes can be a source of infection in children so this project includes sand control, protection measures as needed (replacement of sand, instructions for making shallow sandboxes that don’t retain moisture… etc.). The the project also includes an educational segment for citizens with the goal of educating on the topic of pet keeping, raising awareness and responsibility of dog owners about the need to clean up after their pets in public areas, and raises awareness with radio shows, lectures, brochures, educational posters and leaflets for citizens, all coordinated by the Healthy City Poreč.
    Project developer for Poreč: Poreč Veterinary Hospital (partner organization)
  2. QUALITY CONTROL OF RECREATIONAL WATER FOR PEOPLE – Within the framework of the implementation of the project Control of the population of seagulls and suppression of risks to health in Poreč and surrounding areas, tests and measures in the field of parasitology are conducted in order to protect human health. Bird droppings sampling, feather parasite analysis and recreational water control allow for a continuous risk assessment for the transmission of the causative agent of the disease from an overpopulation of Caspian gull (type of seagull) to humans. In Poreč, there are organised repeated testings of faeces, feather and water samples of seagulls, laying plastic coverings with which faeces and water samples are collected and analysed. Recreational water samples are constantly observed and their safety monitored, as pollution of recreational waters by animal faeces has been repeatedly proven in the EU and worldwide. Overly large bird populations can pollute recreational waters with their faeces, which then become a source of contagion for humans. Seagulls are carriers of bacteria dangerous to human health, such as salmonella, escherihia colli, campylobacter, etc. so it is important to control the bird population and its possible risks to human health in our community.
    Project developer for Poreč: Poreč Veterinary Hospital (partner organization)

Supervisor of both projects for Poreč: Prof. Dr. Sc. Albert Marinculić, MD, PhD, Parasitologist, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zagreb