The Healthy Cities projects are, in Europe and the world, aimed at, among others, programs in the fields of ecology and health, nature conservation, improving the health of the environment in which people live and work in, coexistence of humans and animals, or sustainable and balanced development without serious risks for human health.

Poreč is a city with a tradition of environmental protection and a green coastal zone. It is a city with the largest number of organised children’s playgrounds relative to the city’s population, a city with landscaped green areas, whose development and design of public spaces and green areas attracts attention and admiration of both its citizens and visitors…. Likewise, citizens of Poreč, key individuals and experts in the community, in cooperation with one another, always strive to achieve more and do better.

The project Healthy City of the World Health Organization (WHO), promotes the high standards for the quality of life and betterment of health in the community in various ways, in all aspects of life in the city, in every city that has accepted this project and implements it into practice and the life of its community. The Healthy City of Poreč project directs and coordinates these efforts towards continuous improvement of quality of life in the city, health preservation and implementation and promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, building health-related spaces (walkways, bicycle paths, playgrounds…), keeping them clean, promotion and education on selective waste collection, compliance with standards of healthy urban planning and accessibility, keeping an eye on a healthy coexistence of animals and humans and many other influences on health.

Responsibility and awareness of every citizen for the care of the environment, pets, cleanliness of public spaces and private yards, selective waste management, development and use of space for sports and recreation are indispensable on the path to health of individuals, community and environment as a whole. Therefore, active involvement of citizens in environmental protection with the goal of creating a healthy environment for living and preserving health has become an unavoidable investment in the present and future!

With the above stated efforts, Poreč follows the path of sustainable development and a complex, comprehensive approach to health improvement of its inhabitants! Poreč thus achieves its goal of connecting professions, citizens and key individuals with the desire to collectively raise awareness and responsibility for the health of all citizens of Poreč, for the harmonious sustainable development of the City!

Healthy City of Poreč Coordinator
Nataša Basanić Čuš