If we have entered in Europe for something, this is definitely a big quantity of daily and the lifestyle stress and the work performance that we use. There is no reason to not be on the trend of its prevention. The anti-stress program was matched to the people who have experience and deal quite hard with the stress in their workplace and afterward, they have difficulty to reconcile the family and work obligations. The main goal of this program is to research and made the sensitization to the source of the stress e to find the manner to protect oneself from its effects, whether it is a stress that can be controlled or a stress that is beyond the control.

Identify the source of stress, learn how to cope with stress and overcome it, the acquisition of social and communication skills that make it easier to adapt the person in the workplace and increases the satisfaction of life in general and the quality of life of an individual and a family.

The program is focused on:

  • an individual level of protection with the fortification of individual skills to cope and the use of the overcoming in various life situations;
  • an immediate environment in which, in general, it can be achieved a better communication with the life and work partners, the greater work satisfaction, the fortification of the family relationship and support, better comprehension of other people that are living in stressful situations.