The Healthy City of Poreč realizes the partnership in the project and/or the collaboration with project partners in the territory of the City of Poreč, the Istrian County and others (institutions, companies, associations that carry about the same activity …). With the partnership and active participation in the programs, there are also activated interested and educated young volunteers.

The basic setting of activity of the Healthy city project in the World Health Organization are the collaboration and partnership related to the project of the community and to the activation of the citizens in activity of the “Healthy City” of Poreč, with the goal to achieve the multidisciplinary approach to improve the health and the alliance for the health.

The partners and employees of the “Healthy City”, with the project partners from the others institutions, companies, municipal associations… are members of groups for the programs and evaluation of the City of Poreč, of the Regional Group for Health, and also of groups for the evaluation, programs and epidemiology of the Istrian County. With all mentioned, the City of Poreč and the “Healthy City” project of Poreč fully possess the resources to realize the full program of the improvement of the health with the strategy “Health for all in the 21st century”.

The partners of the “Healthy City” project of Poreč are continuously growing/changing according to the realization of projects and programs. However, there can be mentioned the partners of the project that are continuously at local, regional and national level:


  • City of Poreč and departments with resources,
  • Institutions of the Istrian health centers – Poreč,
  • Social Assistance Center of Poreč,
  • Retirement home of Poreč,
  • Schools and nursery of Poreč,
  • Association of disabled people of Poreč,
  • Pension Club Galija,
  • Association Our Kids of Poreč,
  • Red Cross of Poreč,
  • Center for civic initiatives of Poreč,
  • Veterinary hospital of Poreč,
  • Sports community of the City of Poreč with its clubs,
  • Institution for the Public Health Care of the Istrian County,
  • Department of Health and Social Assistance; Healthcare group of Istrian County,
  • Croatian healthy cities network – Support Center of Zagreb,
  • Croatian healthy cities.