Key people in Poreč’s project invested years of work into defining the procedures of working for health in Poreč by inquiring about the citizens’ needs and formulating those into strategic documents about health as a reflection of the health management in the community.

Today the Healthy City of Poreč project has a couple of equally important planned courses of action:

  • information center for citizens’ requests;
  • idea incubator (a place where ideas are accepted, produced, recognized, developed for the City of Poreč up to the level of local implementation, and sometimes even the institutionalization of programs directed towards the health of citizens);
  • realization of local programs for aid and support to the citizens, preventive and social actions that increase the quality of life and improve the health in the city;
  • strategic health planning in the shape written documents that are used to plan the long-term interventions of the City of Poreč.

The Healthy City project of Poreč has a significant position in the city of Poreč today:

  • It is recognized by municipal authorities as a project that gives a politically responsible management of health and gives to Poreč the prospect – healthy city
  • It is recognized by the citizens as an opportunity to satisfy specific needs in the community in which it’s available and effective (activate participation and commitment opportunities in the project, opportunity to receive help and support when necessary, participation in humanitarian actions, participation in education on the various topics about healthy topics…).
  • Motivates the project partners inside the community and develops the environment for the open, quality and motivating communication and provides support to the professionals, citizens, municipal authorities, associations, institutions, municipal initiatives and to all participants active in the social life and prosperity of the city, especially in the segment of health promotion;

With the Healthy City project, the City of Poreč has become a socially sensitive community and has recognized its own citizens as a resource in the relation of which it creates conditions for better social security and the quality of life in a global context.